Soccerbook Consulting was formed in 2014 with three primary goals in mind: To create and develop projects and solutions to help people have more meaningful experiences through the game; to help better connect the soccer community; to advance the game of soccer

Having been involved in many facets of the global soccer ecosystem over the past few decades from both the sporting and the managerial aspects, our mission is to utilize our experience and insights to provide our clients with the solutions, tools and an extensive network to better accomplish their goals. 

Soccerbook's founders and advisors are passionate and dedicated to the game, and have decades of experience in the game as players, coaches, administrators, agents, consultants & managers, and at every level from youth to professional, and in various organizational capacities from non-profit to corporate to start-up. We have worked with international associations, national federations, professional and semi-pro clubs, leagues and teams, youth leagues, clubs and teams, and colleges and universities.