Our team consists of professionals who both consult for and advise Soccerbook and also hold a variety of positions within the global football, financial, technology and media/entertainment industries. We believe that we can provide the highest level of service to our clients by not only having dedicated full time consultants, but also accessing resources who are actively involved in diverse capacities within the football industry as well as outside industries connected to football. We believe this helps our team as a whole become more knowledgeable, gain important experiences, maintain diverse perspectives, and remain current so we can better serve our clients' needs and forecast upcoming opportunities.

Gary Ireland


Co-Founder & Managing Director

Carine Ireland


Co-Founder & Managing Director

John Owens


Technical Advisor & Consultant, UK

Dr. Zdenek Sivek


Senior Advisor, Europe, Asia & Africa

Simon Ireland


Advisor, USA

Tom Sermanni


Advisor, Australia & New Zealand